More On iMPACT! Going Live, World X Cup Update, Joe, Nash, More

  • TNA touted as being Gay friendly –
  • The live edition of iMPACT! on 3/27 is basically a one time experiment. If things go well and the ratings see a jump because of the live asspect then we will most likely see the show go live every other week this summer.
  • TNA's video game will have a brand new feature never before seen in a wrestling game. Players will be able to use an in game tool to create their own entrance theme for their created wrestlers.
  • TNA's live event this Friday in Westbury, New York is close to being sold out.
  • will have new merchandise for Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash and Sonjay Dutt very soon.
  • TNA officials have had talks about bringing back the X Division World Cup. They are looking to work with CMLL and New Japan in putting together the four-wrestler team concept again this year. However, the last time TNA tried the X Division World Cup, they had tons of problems with outside organizations regarding talent and it was considered to be more trouble than it was worth.
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