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The New York Daily News interviewed MyNetworkTV president Greg Meidel on SmackDown's move to the station this fall. "Anytime you can take a night that has been established, that has a huge brand attached to it and is big and as bold and as bright as the WWE and Smackdown is, it was an opportunity we could not afford to lose," he said. When asked about the steroid controversy surrounding WWE, Medel said, "Every sport goes through the ebb and flow of life. We've witnessed that in baseball and football this past year with certain incidents, and they've weathered the storm and will be bigger and better because of that. This is a very proud organization and the McMahons have done a phenomenal job in the past several decades of building it from the ground up."


WWE stars Stevie Richards, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Mark Henry, Elijah Burke, CM Punk and more talk spring break in an article on In case you don't know, ECW wrestler Stevie Richards has a blog site & podcast on electronic devices at Richards also has a video on YouTube endorsing Ron Paul for U.S. President at

Playboy photographer Arny Freytag talks about photographing Maria in an article on

Maria Kanellis is the 16th top sports search on today. The only other wrestling stars to make the list in recent months are Torrie Wilson (even though she had been off television for several weeks) and Tammy "Sunny" Sytch.