More On SD! Tonight, John Cena's Major Backstage Heat, Vince, More

World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Vickie Guerrero, The Edgeheads, Eve Torres, Maryse and Matt Striker are all scheduled to also be appearing on this week's edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

John Cena got major heat from some of the older wrestlers due to his recent comments on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. A few guys are said to be really upset with what he said. "Rock falls into that category. At one point he loved wrestling and wanted to do this all his life. So explain to me why he can't come back," Cena said. "Simply put it's because he wants to be an actor and there's nothing wrong with that. He's very good and very successful. Associating with sports entertainment doesn't do much for his acting career. I get it. Just don't f— me around and tell me that you love this. That's the only thing that gets me really pissed off."


Sports columnist Mark Kriege has a critical article on WWE and Vince McMahon on the Fox Sports website. Kriege talks about Vince McMahon declining his invitation to testify at Wednesday's Congressional hearing to discuss the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports. Kriege makes an interesting comparison while professional wrestling does not have all of the numbers and records of major league sports; it has a body count (in reference to all of the deaths it has sustained).

There is a new article on highlighting the company's new multi-year agreement with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. The article also talks about how John Cena was honored by the foundation for fulfilling 100 wishes to children since 2004.