More On WWE Firings, Ultimate Warrior, Lacey Von Erich, & More

Ultimate Warrior has posted a new blog concerning deceased actor Heath Ledger entitled "drug addict dies. the living lie." at In the blog post, he refers to Ledger as "Leather Hedger." He's also posted a new videocast on his website at


Former WWE developmental diva Lacey Von Erich is taking wrestling bookings through her new official website,

With the news breaking last week that WWE has ended its relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling as a developmental territory, there were several WWE-contracted wrestlers still at an OVW show this weekend. WWE's current plan is to slowly pull out the workers over the next month and send them down to Florida Championship Wrestling, their only remaining developmental territory. WWE will be helping wrestlers with their moving expenses.

"The Sun" has a new interview up with WWE legend Mick Foley. You can check out the full interview at Inside, Foley talks at length about the current state of his wrestling career, acknowledging his best days are behind him: "Honestly the days when I really meant ratings or buy rates are over, so I am realistic in thinking that I can be an enjoyable asset to the show, but probably not a main event guy any more. I'm not so worried about making that major impact, as I am just being a welcome addition, and if that means showing up in a recurring role, several times a year I have no problem with that.