More On WWE's 'Industry News' Section Inside Here, & More

Regarding's newly launched "Industry News" section, the company made a conscious decision to launch this new section and they're going to be obviously selective about the information they choose to publish on the site. Judging by the pieces currently up on the site, it doesn't look like they'll be publishing any "backstage gossip" or storyline spoilers, as it'll mostly just be "safe news."


The news currently covered on site are items such as Mayweather netting mainstream coverage, McMahon being called out by Congress & issuing a statement, Mysterio's surgery being a success, and various articles regarding wrestling from mainstream websites. Although, they are publishing stuff regarding TNA — they just published results from last night's iMPACT! program.

Furthermore, they have a content editor picking out the stories that go up on the site. Also, they aren't linking directly to the outside websites cited on

Apparently the section on the official website was created to draw more unique visitors. The feeling is that there is a tremendous market for wrestling news on the Internet and the company is striving to make their website the ultimate destination point for professional wrestling online. There has been some concern about a drop off in traffic on the official WWE website. While the official WWE website is by far the biggest professional website online, the goal is to get even bigger.


And as noted earlier, it appears jealousy is getting the best of some website owners due to their site(s) not being selected like this one.