News On SummerSlam, Steamboat DVD, ECW, WCW, & More News

The Summerslam Anthology box set due out on 8/5 will retail for $249.99.

There is talk of a Ricky Steamboat DVD in '09.

If the Best of Starrcade DVD does well then we may see a Best of the Clash of the Champions DVD as well.


There are no plans to release any future DVDs for ECW.

The 2008 Hall of Fame will be included in the deluxe edition release of Wrestlemania 24. No word yet on if it will be included on the Blu-ray edition or not.

John Cena's recent comments regarding The Rock may have been taken out of context by The Sun. The website has an audio file of the interview and you can hear what he exactly said on it. Cena was quoted as saying, "At one point Rock loved wrestling and wanted to do this all his life. So explain to me why he can't come back." The Sun ended the quote there, but he actually said, "So explain to me why he can't come back for our 15th anniversary show or why he can't make an appearance at WrestleMania. I wish he'd just show up, say hi and leave. Do the eyebrow once and get out of town." Cena also said, "He's genuinely a nice guy. I've met him. And a fantastic human being," not to mention, "Like I said, he is a great guy. But I think we all know now that he wants to be an actor. And there's nothing wrong with that, because he's truly found another passion. He's good at acting. His films make money." Those two quotes were omitted from the article. However, he did indeed say the quote that triggered the controversy: "Just don't [expletive] me around and tell me that you love this. That's the only thing that gets me really [ticked] off. Our fan base have so much admiration for him, he's got to respect that. He doesn't give anything back." Although, he made the comment in a calm tone.