RAW Rating Is In, One Night Stand Location, 'Mania, & More

  • RAW on Monday night scored hours of 3.85 and 4.08, averaging a 3.97 (4.0) cable rating. This week's episode averaged just over 5.6 million viewers. That's WAY up from recent weeks and is great news for WWE.
  • It was announced to the live crowd in San Diego, CA last night at the Smackdown/ECW tapings that the One Night Stand PPV would take place in the city on June 1.
  • The latest edition of WWE Magazine is featuring an article about what the set for WrestleMania 24 will look like which will include a lighting rig built from the ground up and a massive tarp in case it rains. The ring will be set up at the 50 yard line, while the one of the end zones will feature what is being described as a "massive pyro setup capable of delivering about 10 times the explosive display seen on Raw." The pyro is expected to shoot higher since the event will be outside.
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