Real Cyber Sunday Buyrate, Traffic, Sunny/ROH

  • Tammy Sytch will be appearing at this Saturday's ROH event at the Manhattan Center in New York City.
  • WWE mistakenly listed Cyber Sunday 2007 as doing 290,000 PPV buys on their corporate website a few months ago. In the company's financial report released last week for the entire year, the show was listed as actually doing a total of 194,000 PPV buys. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter originally estimated the show at 191,000 buys, so it seemed way off when Cyber Sunday — which is traditionally one of WWE's poorest performing pay-per-views in terms of buys — came in with such a high number. Cyber Sunday featured "Stone" Cold Steve Austin & Mick Foley in guest roles, the return of Shawn Michaels in a grudge match with Randy Orton, and a championship match between Undertaker and Batista. Despite all that, the show only managed to garner 122,000 PPV buys from North America.
  • garnered 17.6 million visitors during the month of October, which translates to 567,000 visitors per day. A good portion of the October figure can be attributed to WWE pushing viewers on television to go to the website to vote for Cyber Sunday matches. Traffic dropped off in November and December, both months doing 15.6 million (520,000 per day) and 15.1 million visitors (487,000 per day), respectively.
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