Ron Conway/WWE, Test Update, Lockdown Tickets & More

  • In light of WWE's split with Ohio Valley Wrestling, Rob Conway is expected to be more involved with the promotion. The former WWE tag team champion has been regularly seen at OVW headquarters in recent weeks. He's expected to be more involved with OVW once the WWE-contracted wrestlers leave for Florida.

  • Former WWE star Andrew "Test" Martin has posted a blog on his MySpace apologizing for some comments he made regarding gun control in light of a recent shooting at a college in Illinois. He wrote: "First, I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone out there for some comments that were made on my myspace blog. A friend of mine thought it would be a joke but I don't think he even realized how far and in bad taste the joke was taken. I love America and the people here. My girlfriend is American so I don't think there is anyway possible to hate America. I had never been to the USA much before I started wrestling but have been to a lot of cool places and meet a lot of cool people. Once again I apologize for what was supposed to be a rib on me by a friend that I didn't find to funny."

  • Tickets for Lockdown go on sale this Friday. For more information regarding the event on April 13 in Boston, visit

  • TNA's website has photos up at of Kurt Angle's recent media tour in New York City.

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