Stephanie McMahon Pregnancy Update, Foley Knows In Role, & More

It was reported earlier here that Stephanie McMahon is pregnant with her second child. The news of her being pregnant is true, however her pregnancy is farther along than the earlier report indicated. Stephanie's due date is set for July, not September.


"The Sun" has a new interview up with WWE legend Mick Foley. You can check out the full interview at Inside, Foley talks at length about the current state of his wrestling career, acknowledging his best days are behind him: "Honestly the days when I really meant ratings or buy rates are over, so I am realistic in thinking that I can be an enjoyable asset to the show, but probably not a main event guy any more. I'm not so worried about making that major impact, as I am just being a welcome addition, and if that means showing up in a recurring role, several times a year I have no problem with that.

WWE's "Wrestlemania AXXESS tour" was at the Minnesota Mall of America this past weekend. Once again, the tour drew a huge turnout of WWE fans. The tour heads to Las Vegas this weekend (the site of Sunday's No Way Out PPV). Torrie Wilson, Melina and Tommy Dreamer will be there signing autographs.


On 2/16, Tommy Dreamer and Melina will be signing autographs from 4 to 6PM at Town Square in Las Vegas, NV during the Wrestlemania Fan Axxess Tour.