Stephanie McMahon Sifts Through Phone Records To Find Leaks

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

After the holidays, Stephanie McMahon reviewed all cell phone records from the creative team specifically looking for anyone who might have called the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer. She did not find any evidence from anyone. She also did this a few years ago in a failed attempt to get her father to get rid of Paul Heyman, who she often butted heads with. After her most recent review of cell phone records, Stephanie lectured the creative team on leaking confidential information to people that run wrestling newsletters and Internet wrestling websites. WWE's upset with key storylines leaking out over the Internet, many of which can be attributed to Meltzer because he's usually the first person to report about them.


Additionally, the McMahon's check their writers' computers to see if they have any e-mail contact with people outside of WWE.

The creative team is said to be really paranoid around Stephanie McMahon because it's difficult for WWE to keep most of their storyline plans quiet, a rare exception being John Cena's surprise return at the Royal Rumble. Basically, everytime major storyline plans get out over the Internet, Stephanie gets upset and starts looking for answers.

This past fall, WWE pulled "Rowdy" Roddy Piper from making an appearance as a special guest referee at Cyber Sunday due to a fan's Internet report on meeting Piper at a G.I. Joe convention. At the convention, the fan reported that Piper said that he was going to be at Cyber Sunday, which was before WWE started promoting it on television. The news greatly upset Vince McMahon because he believed that Piper was leaking storyline plans. However, it should be noted that a few weeks earlier, promotional commercials advertising Piper's appearance aired in certain markets, most notably Canada.


According to one source, with the McMahon's looking over everything they do, one member of the creative recently bought a new cell phone for all of his non-business calls because he doesn't want them checking his personal phone calls, and he's someone that doesn't speak to anyone about the wrestling business to the outside world.