TNA Against All Odds - Booker T vs. Robert Roode (Grudge Match)

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Booker T. Booker keeps it short and sweet saying in just a matter of seconds, Roode's ass is his.

- Booker T vs. Robert Roode ended in a Double Countout. Robert Roode goes after Booker T right as he hits the ring taking him out with a few boots. Booker switches it up and mounts Roode hitting some right hands. Booker chops Roode and then connects with a quick side walk slam. Booker picks up Roode and connects with another side slam. Booker splashes Roode in the corner with a stiff clothesline and Roode falls over holding his chest in pain. Booker tosses Roode over the top rope. Booker follows out and clotheslines Roode on the outside. Booker throws Roode back in, but Roode catches Booker over the back and head with some stiff kicks. Roode fights back throwing Booker's face off the corner and getting in some chest chops of his own. Payton Banks hits the ring and Booker almost hits her by accident allowing Roode to get the advantage back and mount Booker to hit some right hands. Roode drops a knee over the chest of Booker and hits a modified flipping snapmare. Roode with a standing dropkick on Booker followed by applying a headlock. Booker flips Roode to fight off the headlock. Booker then catches Roode with a big superkick to the jaw. Booker catches Roode with a spin kick followed by a big forearm to the head off the ropes. Booker plants Roode with a spinebuster and then does the spinarooni! Booker grabs Roode by the legs and crotches him into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Booker misses the scissors kick on Roode. Booker then launches Roode over the top rope. Booker goes after him and Roode starts to walk up the ramp to the back with Payton Banks. Booker follows them and takes out Roode in the backstage area. The referee gets to the 10 count and calls for the bell noting a double count out.


Backstage, the two continue to brawl. Payton Banks gets a car and Roodes tries to get in, but Booker cuts him off. Roode sends Booker into some extra guard railing, gets in the car, throws Payton Banks out and takes off. Booker yells that it isn't over.

- Backstage, Kurt Angle announces that this Thursday night on Impact, in the middle of the ring, he will renew his wedding vows with Karen. Karen gets excited and leaves to go make plans. Kurt then looks into the camera and tells Christian Cage that tonight is his last shot at the TNA World Title. He also warns Samoa Joe to stay out of his way.

- A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight's Six Man Street Fight between Team 3D & TNA X Division Champion Johnny Devine vs. The Motor City Machineguns & "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal.


- Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Team 3D and Johnny Devine. Brother Ray says Hardcore Street Fight...enough said. He asks The Machineguns and Lethal if they put much thought into tonight's match and if they think they can actually beat them. Ray said they respect Lethal for having heart, but said The Machineguns are jokes and don't deserve to be called pro wrestlers.