TNA Against All Odds - Opening Segment

- The TNA promo hit.

- We go live to the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC where the National Anthem is sang with BG James, Bob Armstrong and members of the military at ringside.

- A video package runs featuring important landmarks in the United States while mixing the message with TNA wrestlers and the matches they are involved in tonight at Against All Odds. Another well done video package by TNA.


- A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to Against All Odds. We go live where BG James and Bob Armstrong lead members of the military around the ringside area as the fans in Greenville cheer. They are members of the South Carolina Army National Guard. BG gets on the mic, salutes the crowd along with his father and says in honor of all the men and women in uniform, not just here but also aboard – God Bless America. A series of pyro then goes off in the entrance area to kick off the PPV.

- TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Tomko are out next.