– Traci Brooks defeated Payton Banks. The match starts with Banks slapping Brooks and Brooks slapping her right back. Brooks takes out Banks with kicks in the corner and then drags her to the middle of the ring. Banks mounts Brooks and punches her. Banks starts choking Brooks until the referee breaks it up. Brooks with a spear on Banks and then the two roll out of the ring to the outside. Brooks tackles and kicks Banks on the outside followed by throwing her in to the guard railing. Banks then trips up Brooks sending Brooks face first into the steel steps (which looked awful). Banks then sends Brooks into the guard railing and throws her back in the ring. The Greenville crowd is still into the match and are really behind Traci Brooks. Banks still gets more offense in on Brooks in the ring. Banks drives her forearm into the back of Brooks followed by a backcracker. Banks goes for a pinfall, but Brooks kicks out. Banks screams in frustration and goes back to work on Brooks. Brooks with a back body drop on Banks followed by getting some chest chops in. Brooks kicks Banks in the face and then takes her out with a clothesline. Brooks goes up to the top rope, but Banks knocks her off and drives her shoulder into her body. Banks attempts this a second time, but Brooks moves and then rolls up Banks to get the pinfall.

After the match, Payton Banks attacks Traci Brooks as she was celebrating her win. Banks goes to leave, but Brooks grabs her to stay in. Banks gets away and Brooks gives her a smile.

– A video package runs highlighting the events leading into tonight’s “Case vs. Case” match between Scott Steiner and Petey Williams.

– Backstage, Scott Hudson is with Scott Steiner and Petey Williams. Petey said he is sick of fighting over the cases and wants it all to be over tonight. He brags about being in better shape than Scott and adds, “TNA – Totally Natural Abs!” Scott calls Petey a punk from Canada and that tonight he will prove he is better.