TNA iMPACT Results - February 14, 2008


There are several major news items to report from Thursday's "iMPACT!" broadcast on SpikeTV:

Kurt and Karen Angle renewed their wedding vows on the special Valentine's Day broadcast, but in the end it was AJ Styles and Karen Angle being pronounced man and wife! In addition, is it the end of Abyss after the monster threw down his mask and walked out on Thursday night? Plus, new matches were also made for the Destination X Pay-Per-View event! More details are below...


- TNA Management Director Jim Cornette once again attempted to get Samoa Joe to sign his new contract on the broadcast, but this time Christian Cage interrupted the ceremony. Cage asked Joe to help him get revenge on Kurt Angle, Tomko and AJ Styles for what happened at Against All Odds, and Joe agreed since he felt somewhat at fault for allowing Tomko to get involved.

- Speaking of Tomko, he revealed his reasons why he cost Cage the bout at the PPV, claiming it was years of anger along with the fact Cage interfered in Tomko's recent match with Angle without permission, then took credit for Tomko's win. Later, Tomko met with Angle and told him he would rejoin the Angle Alliance, but on the condition that Tomko was his own man and that Angle wouldn't dare tell him what to say or do.


- It was scheduled to be Cage and Joe facing TNA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Tomko later that night, but Cage was attacked backstage prior to the bout. It ended up being Joe and Kevin Nash taking on the champs, who won after TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle interfered on their behalf.

- After the bout, Samoa Joe made a challenge for the main event at the Destination X event, as it will be Samoa Joe, Christian Cage and Kevin Nash taking on The Angle Alliance of Angle, Styles and Tomko.

- Later in the broadcast, Kurt and Karen Angle renewed their wedding vows – but Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash came out to ruin the ceremony. Amidst the chaos, the minister lost his glasses and accidentally pronounced AJ Styles and Karen Angle as husband and wife! AJ planted a big kiss on Karen as Kurt – who had been stripped down to his boxers by Joe and Nash – looked on in disbelief!

- Also on Thursday, Abyss was slated to take on "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, but Abyss seemingly had a change of heart before the match and wouldn't go to the ring. Instead, Abyss turned his back to the crowd...took off his mask and dropped it...and left the arena without a word to anyone! Have James Mitchell and Judas Mesias finally run Abyss out of TNA?


- After Abyss left, Scott Steiner decided to take the opportunity to introduce his newest freak – Rhaka Khan! Steiner then put out a challenge to anyone in the back to face him – resulting in "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams hitting the ring to seek revenge. Steiner ended up beating Williams after Khan distracted him, but this time in a surprising move, Steiner actually gave respect to Williams for the battle!

- "The War Machine" Rhino made his TNA return and blamed "Cowboy" James Storm for the personal issues he's been going through – and challenged Storm to face him in the Elevation X match at the Pay-Per-View!

- Team 3D was scheduled to face Curry Man and Shark Boy in tag team action, but due to the stipulations of their loss at Against All Odds, Team 3D had to weigh in under 275 pounds. Brother Devon made the cut when he got on the scale, but Brother Ray didn't – so Devon had to compete on his own in a handicap match. Devon was able to get the win after Brother Ray smashed Shark Boy with the scale.

- A very angry Booker T waited outside for Robert Roode to arrive to the broadcast, but Roode's COO Payton Banks arrived later on to tell Booker that Roode wouldn't be coming to the broadcast. Jim Cornette stepped in and told Booker he would get his shot at revenge against Roode at Destination X, but first he's signing Booker T to battle World Champion Kurt Angle next Thursday on "iMPACT!".


- In addition, ODB challenged TNA Women's Champion Awesome Kong to a Street Fight on "iMPACT!". Gail Kim made her return to try to back up ODB in the bout, but her help backfired as Kong eventually won. After the bout, Gail and ODB got into it over the mix up.

- Rellik defeated Eric Young in singles action, as Young is apparently deathly afraid of Rellik.

- In a bout featuring the superstars of NASCAR, Homicide defeated Chris Sabin and Jimmy Rave after NASCAR star Juan Pablo Montoya hit Lance Hoyt with a chair, allowing Homicide to get the win!