Tommy Dreamer/TNA, ROH/TNA Relationship, Backstage News

  • TNA Wrestling has pulled their announcement from their official website where they touted the attendance of WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer at their New York City house show at Webster Hall this past Thursday night. Dreamer is still contractually bound to WWE.
  • For those that still need clarification regarding Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin returning to Ring of Honor in April, TNA never actually banned their talent from appearing for other promotions. TNA had their talent sign an agreement that they would not appear on DVDs that were released commercially or appear on pay-per-view broadcasts distributed by other promotions. Therefore it is perfectly fine for Shelley and Sabin to work for Ring of Honor as long as their matches are not taped for a DVD or included on an ROH pay-per-view broadcast.
  • TNA has announced that they will release their Global Impact DVD on next week. The DVD will feature all of the matches between TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling talent at the Tokyo Dome from last month.
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