Tons & Tons Of Floyd Mayweather/Big Show Media, & More

There has been lots more coverage on ESPN of Floyd Mayweather's involvement with WrestleMania 24 this year. Here are some notes sent in from readers who caught the mentions on ESPN over the last two days:


Sir Rockin sent this in: This morning on ESPN First Take on ESPN, the two hosts, Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson brought up the Floyd Mayweather-Big Show fight, showing a clip of the press conference from monday afternoon. While the footage was playing afterwards, both hosts were talking about watching clips on Youtube of the Big Show-Mayweather confrontation from No Way Out. Both were not sure whether it was fake or not, but knew that if it was fake, that the punches Mayweather landed real. Jay Crawford mentioned that he may not pay to see what happens, but believes that many will, just because of the hype that has been given thus far. The hosts also mentioned the size difference and how that when the Big Show was on his knees he was still bigger than Mayweather.


John Woodworth sent this in: On the show Around The Horn on ESPN they were talking about Mayweather and Big Show at Wrestlemania 24.

AJ sent this in: Today on the Out of Bounds segment of Around the Horn, Woody Paige, Steve Mariotti, and Kevin Blackistone debated whether or not Floyd wrestling at WM24 was a good idea or not. Mariotti and KB agreed that it was a bad idea while Paige said it was a good idea. Paige said that it is an opportunity for people who don't know Mayweather to know who he is. Also on PTI (Pardon the Interuption), they talked about Mayweather and WrestleMania.

Dayton Kain sent this in: Also, I noticed on the show "Jim Rome is Burning" which is on ESPN, he had a commentary on the Big Show vs. Mayweather showdown going on at Wrestlemania. He didn't speak down on wrestling at all actually, which kind of surprised me. He praised Mayweather for being a smart business man and realizing that there's not much more he can do in boxing, and even though wrestling isn't a future for him, it's a way to make some quick, big money. He joked about Mayweather busting the Big Shows nose during their last encounter (video replayed over and over) and he predicts that the Big Show will lose to Mayweather by pinfall.


Josh sent this in: Just wanted to note that Jim Rome (on Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN) just talked for a very long time about Mayweather v. Big Show. It was pretty positive and he sort of kayfabe sold the fight, but also said he was disappointed in Mayweather until he heard the 20 million figure.

Carlos G. sent this in: I was flipping through the channels and I found surprisingly the spanish shows are taking note at this as well at Mayweather vs Big Show at Wrestlemania. They have shown this twice on Univision and Telemundo.