Update On Edge & Vickie's Storyline, WWE Writer To TNA?

- No word yet if TNA is interested in hiring former ECW writer Dave Lagana. WWE fired Lagana earlier this year due to news leaks to pro wrestling websites. Lagana may have some sort of clause in his contract that would prevent him from working for another wrestling company for a certain amount of time.


- Sources say that some people backstage in the SmackDown locker room are uncomfortable with the way the current Edge and Vickie Guerrero storyline is going. However, Vickie is said to be doing fine and enjoying being in the locker room and a part of the show every week. There is no heat on Edge for his involvement in the storyline.

A lot of people are worried how Vickie and her daughters feel about the angle but people say Vickie has told anyone who asks that she thinks her late husband Eddie Guerrero would be fine with the storyline.