What You Didn't See On RAW This Week

Michael E. called in the following results from the Raw taping in Phoenix, Arizona:

Dark Match:

*Vladimir Kozlov defeated Dave (last name inaudible) billed from Tempe, AZ with a Torture Race into an over the knees backbreaker. Kozlov is "terrible."



*Hacksaw Duggan does a funny promo putting over this being the 500th edition of Heat, talking about the show being the best WWE program, with "the exception of" and then naming every other show you could think of, including some Diva specials. Duggan defeated Jason Riggs. Katie Lea distracted Duggan after the match and Paul Burchill laid him out.

*Jillian Hall screeches, uh, sings "I will always love Heat."

*Brian Kendick & Val Venis & Super Crazy defeated Snitsky & Charlie Haas & Highlander Robby when Venis pinned Robby with the Money Shot.