Why Carlito Isn't Being Pushed, Lots Of Mayweather/WWE Coverage, More

Carlito is still being punished for wanting to leave for TNA but once the WWE feels he has been humbled he should be in line for a nice push.

From Brett Kershaw: Sky Sports News (the UK's 24/7 sports news coverage service) was yesterday featuring the Wrestlemania press conference with particular reference to Mayweather's upcoming battle with the Big Show. I've been watching this show for years and this is the first Wrestling reference I can recall seeing. Vince will be rubbing his hands with glee.


The upcoming Wrestlemania match with Floyd Mayweather has been getting a lot of coverage here in MI. With Floyd being from MI. The A.P. article about Floyd getting 20 Million to be at WM24 has appeared in The Detroit Free Press and numerous newspapers throughout the state.

Also, in Mid-Michigan. The sports segments on local TV news rarely covers wrestling. But they have been showing clips from the WM24 segment

Also, they discussed the upcoming Floyd-Big show match on PARDON THE INTERUPTION on ESPN. Pretty good coverage for WWE.