WWE SmackDown! Results - February 15, 2008

Source: PWTorch.com

-Smackdown Open

-Fireworks kicked off the final Smackdown before No Way Out, sold out at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.


The first few minutes were a feeling out process. As Batista got the advantage, MVP went to the outside. Lots of power displayed by The Animal early on. Batista rolled out of the ring to avoid a kick to the head by MVP. Batista began to work on the left knee, then applied the figure four. Porter got to the ropes and went to re-group.


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MVP was working on Batista's shoulder out of break. Montel hit a running kick to Batista's head, but only got two on a pin attempt. MVP threw Batista to the outside and whipped him into the steel steps. Batista turned the tide on the outside, slamming MVP back-first into the apron. He then hit a shoulderblock off the top rope back inside the ring. The match began to heat up and MVP got a near-fall with a roll-up holding the tights. Spear by Batista. He tossed MVP shoulder-first into the post twice, then hit the Batista Bomb for the three count.

WINNER: Batista at 16:12. Slow, but a good effort from both guys. Surprised about the clean finish, though.

-Backstage, Edge looked stressed. The EdgeHeads came in and wanted advice about their "big" match tonight, but the champ needed some alone time.


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Festus and Jesse worked over Ryder to start. Hawkins suckered Moore with a distraction, allowing the heels to take over. Moore fought off both greasers to make a tag. Things broke down and Moore and Jesse hit stereo planchas as Yang pinned Domino with a moonsault.

WINNERS: Yang, Moore, Jesse and Festus at 2:52.

After the match, the heels went on the attack. Festus just stood on the apron, as the bell rang to end the match, putting him back in his comatose-like state. Jesse crawled over to ring the bell and he cleaned house.

-Vickie was getting makeup applied backstage, getting ready for her "perfect" night.

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Victoria looks good with her short haircut. Before the match began, Chuck Palumbo rode his hog to the ring. Victoria choked Michelle in the corner as Chuck continued to rev his bike throughout the match. Superplex by Michelle was blocked and the two slugged it out on top. They ended up tumbling to the outside. Michelle went on offense but got distracted by Chuck, allowing Victoria to hit the Widow's Peak.


WINNER: Victoria at 2:08.

After the match, Chuck came in the ring and got a microphone. Michelle backed away on the ground, but Chuck stepped on her arm, then hair to stop her. He said she better get used to this treatment.

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V pushed Taker around at the outset. Taker hammered at V in the corner in return. He then knocked Matt Striker off the apron, allowing V to attack from behind. V threw Taker out of the ring and chopped his chest. V laid on top of Taker back in the ring and punched his ribs. Running splash missed and Taker hit a clothesline, followed by Old School. Taker finished it with a DDT. Striker was attacked from behind after the match, chokeslammed, and put in Taker's new submission finisher.

WINNER: Undertaker at 5:06. Daddy V does the job again; apparently, WWE thinks abnormally huge guys don't need wins for credibility, that just being big should make people think they can win. I don't know anyone who would pick V in the Chamber. I like the DDT finish; it was unexpected and gives more credibility to that move in the future.

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-A video on past Chamber matches aired.

-Cole & Coach plugged the No Way Out lineup.


-Kane came out for a tag team match, which is up next.

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Chavo vs. Punk was added for No Way Out. Kane lifted Chavo over his head and just dropped him. I wouldn't mind seeing Punk vs. Shelton at WrestleMania. Back and forth action from these four. Chavo and Shelton used some double-teaming on Punk. Heel kick by Punk, who tagged Kane. He launched Chavo all over the ring. Flying clothesline by Kane, but a pin was broken up by Shelton. Punk made a blind tag and hit the GTS on Chavo for the win.

WINNERS: Kane & Punk at 4:52. That's three times in a row Punk has pinned Chavo. Something tells me he's not winning at the PPV.

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-The Raw Rebound aired.

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Clips of the Hornswoggle McMahon saga aired prior to the match. Khali was on offense to start. To the outside, Khali whipped Finlay into the steps. Khali owned things back in the ring too. The nerve hold was put on, but Finlay got out of it. He was booted down for his efforts. Finlay came off the top but was caught by the throat and was two-handed chokeslammed. Hornswoggle came into the ring and hit Khali with the shillaleigh (which the ref didn't see), but Khali shoved him down. The ref checked on Hornswoggle while Finlay wailed on Khali with the shillaleigh, then pinned him.


WINNER: Finlay at 4:57. The faces in the Chamber are 3-0 tonight.

-Teddy Long was wheeling Vickie Guerrero backstage. Back in the arena, the ring and surroundings were being set up for Edge's big announcement.

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-Edge came out to four musicians playing some romantic dinner music on the stage. Flowers lined the ring and a red carpet with hearts cut out of it were over the mat. Edge said tonight, the "R" in "Rated R Superstar" stands for "really in love." He asked Vickie to come out. Flower petals lined the entryway. Teddy brought Vickie out. Even Vickie's wheelchair was decorated for the occasion. Edge first wanted to sing a passage from a Bryan Adams song. That drew a chorus of boos- either for Edge singing or it being a Bryan Adams song. Edge got down on one knee and asked Vickie to marry him. Vickie couldn't answer yes soon enough. They made out as the musicians played. Rey Mysterio's music interrupted them though. Rey said he wanted to personally congratulate the couple and said it's the most disgusting thing he's seen in his life. He said he hopes Vickie will drop the Guerrero name, because she's disgracing it. Edge threatened Rey and ordered him to apologize for real. Rey got in the ring and said he's through apologizing. Edge attacked, but Rey hit the 619. Rey's seated senton missed Edge, as he ducked and Rey came down on Vickie. Rey seemed nonplussed as Edge checked on his new fianc?e. They replayed the move from all angles. EMT's worked on Vickie in the ring as the show went off the air.