Angle Fighting Couture, Lashley To TNA, Major Changes Coming to TNA

In an audio interview with the Between the Ropes radio show, Kurt Angle had a lot to say about Bobby Lashley's future, major changes coming to TNA starting next month and fighting Randy Couture in an MMA style match this summer. Here are the highlights:


– When asked about the possibility of Bobby Lashley coming to TNA, Kurt said, "I'm not going to say anything, but be ready for anything. Be ready for a big surprise... Whatever he does, it's going to make big press. Let's just that I'm really excited about the direction that Bobby Lashley is going."

– He and Samoa Joe will have a mixed martial arts match at the Lockdown pay-per-view. "We're going to have an MMA style match at the pay-per-view and this is the beginning of what TNA is going to start doing."

– He added, "Joe and I are actually putting a hell of a a match together that is going to be very much MMA oriented. It's going to be inside a cage. I don't even think we're wearing shoes. We're going to tape our ankles. We're going to be putting on the gloves." He said he and Joe are trying to show up the Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show match.


– Angle said he and Randy Couture have agreed to fight in a legit MMA-style match this summer. He didn't specify which promotion they'll work for or what type of match they're going to have.