Backstage Reaction To Cena's Comments; Jericho Injured?, More

- The word going around the WWE locker room at this weekend's Raw house shows was that John Cena's comments he made towards The Rock in an interview with The Sun were taken out of context. While his comments did rub some people the wrong way, it was not near as big of a deal as was being made on the Internet.


- Speaking of John Cena, he didn't work this weekends house shows because he is filming for his upcoming movie 12 Rounds in New Orleans, LA. As reported earlier, Cena has relocated to the city while the movie is being filmed but will still be on Raw to help build for WrestleMania.

- There was a tense moment during the Raw house show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Friday night. Chris Jericho landed on his head after doing the Lionsault during his match with Ken Kennedy. He was said to be shaken up, but did not suffer any serious injury as he worked the remainder of Raw house shows over the weekend.