Bobby Heenan Health Update, Flair, Hogan, TNA DVDs, & More News

Jim Ross updated his blog at with a health update on WWE Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: "Bobby Heenan, who has had a helluva tough go if it in recent weeks with surgeries to rebuild his jaw, is in a rehab facility in Florida and is reportedly getting stronger by the day, but still isn't able to talk or eat solid foods. From what I am told 'The Brain' is making the nurses laugh with his physical antics and by what he writes on his blackboard with which he uses to communicate."


The blog also talks about the upcoming Curt Hennig and Ric Flair's upcoming DVD projects, Hulk Hogan's public divorce mess, John Cena & William Regal's commentary from RAW, Brett Favre's retirement,the presidential debates and more. You can read the blog here.

WWE's "Greatest Superstars of Wrestlemania" DVD will be shown in movie theaters across the country starting on March 14th at "Carmike Cinemas".

Here are the updated release dates for several TNA DVDs:

3/11: TNA Final Resolution 2008
4/22: Best of TNA 2007
4/29: TNA Against All Odds 2008
5/13: TNA Destination X 2008
6/17: TNA Lockdown 2008