Booker T's Backstage TNA Attitude, Mistico/TNA Update, Loads More

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Booker T actually requested his current feud with Robert Roode as he sees a ton of potential in him. Booker has also requested a feud with Tomko. Booker T is very friendly backstage and is always willing to help the younger talent if they ask for his advice. He's a genuinely nice guy.
  • Speaking of Booker, there has been some talk of turning Black Reign face and having them reform their tag team.
  • Mistico has sent out feelers to TNA in hopes of working with the company in the future. Due to his heavy schedule and value in Mexico, at best he'd probably be a special attraction performer for TNA.
  • As noted earlier here on the site, Thursday night's edition of iMPACT! drew the usual 1.1 rating (1.12 to be exact). The show's rating peaked with the Roxxi Laveaux makeover segment & Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim match (which wasn't promoted at all during the show) as the quarter hour drew a 1.18 rating. Karen Angle's "big announcement" drew a 1.11 quarter hour rating. The show then dropped to a 1.09 rating until the women's match. The main event pitting Kevin Nash & Christian vs. Tomko & A.J. Styles lost some viewers after the Knockouts match, drawing a 1.10 rating.
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