Carlito Confirms Displeasure With WWE, SD! Issue, RAW, Mayweather, More has an interview with Carlito now online. In the interview Carlito talks about his opinion of Floyd Mayweather in WWE, Ric Flair's imminent retirement, the reaction from his Puerto Rico fans when he signed with WWE, and much more. When the interviewer asked Carlito if the "rumors" were true regarding that he asked WWE for his release a couple of months ago, Carlito said, "Those weren't rumors, it was all true. I was going in a different direction than what I wanted to and you know things that happen. We were having a falling out but the problems got resolved, hopefully. We'll just take it from there. "


Due to the NCAA March Madness tournament, The Score in Canada will be delaying Smackdown until midnight on March 21st and March 28th. There will be additional airings of Smackdown on March 22nd at 10 PM, March 24th at 2 PM and March 29th at 9 PM.

WWE will be holding Raw house shows on September 27th at the Bercy Arena in Paris, France and November 13th at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Go to for information about upcoming shows.

WWE has lots of coverage on its website about Floyd Mayweather possibly suffering an elbow injury after he was tossed from the ring by The Big Show on Monday Night Raw last night. There is an article up at along with photos. As noted this morning, it is a work and he is not injured.