Confirmed For Tonight's Live Edition Of TNA Impact

The following is confirmed for tonight's live edition of TNA Impact on Spike TV. This will be the first ever live broadcast for TNA Impact:

- Alex Shelley vs. Johnny Devine in a qualifying match for the Lockdown Xscape Match for the X Championship at Lockdown


- TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong vs. Voted In Opponent

- TNA Champion Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles & Tomko in 4 one-minute rounds

- Sit down interview with Karen Angle about her "separation" from Kurt.

- Interview with Samoa Joe with footage of him training in California

- MMA fighter Frang Trigg is confirmed for an appearance and will talk about Joe vs. Angle

- LAX & Salinas vs. Petey Williams & Scott Steiner & Rhaka Khan

- Another Rough Cut segment featuring B.G. James & Kip James

- The return of Sting