ECW Rating Is In, RAW, Maria, Matt Hardy, Dreamer, & More News

  • Last night's ECW did a 1.2 rating. TNA iMPACT! is coming off a PPV so they might have a shot at beating WWE this week.
  • ESPN's Pardon the Interruption yesterday mentioned the angle on RAW.
  • Maria will be signing appearing from 9:30 to 11 p.m. at The Element in Hollywood, CA tomorrow night.
  • Matt Hardy edited his blog post from yesterday with the following comment: "Said individual is fine. I don't want my thoughts exaggerated or misconstrued at this delicate time. I was at one past time concerned. I am not currently concerned. People will never stop being human. And great people will never stop being great people. Even with surmountable speedbumps in their path–whether they're forced to involuntarily cross them or even if they accidentally built them. Timing can be either fantastic or disastrous. Sometimes timing ends up correctly or incorrectly defining an individual, regardless of if it's right or wrong." Yesterday, he wrote: "I know two people of different genders who are in a dilemma at this time. One of these individuals I am extremely close with-the other one I used to be. The thing that worries me is that they're both playing around in the deep water and can't swim. I can swim. Ironically, Eulogy by Tool just came up on random."
  • Tommy Dreamer conducted an interview with Rich Christensen of Speed Channel's Pinks, which is a drag racing show, at
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