ECW Rating Is In, Traffic Plummets, Jillian Hall Update, More

Last night's ECW on Sci Fi scored a 1.3 cable rating. The previous two weeks, the show did 1.2 ratings, according to data compiled by Nielsen Media Research.

For the fifth consecutive month, unique visitors to WWE's web site declined. In January, WWE had 15.5 unique visitors. The prior four months were 17.6 million, 16.6 million, 16.1 million and 15.6 million. During the summer, WWE averaged better than 20 million unique visitors per months. The decline in visitors precipitated WWE's decision to add an "industry news" section. Michael Cole has also been released of his web duties but is still with the company.

Some fans were concerned with Jillian Hall possibly injuring herself on Monday's Raw with the 450 splash. She wrote on her MySpace page: "Hey all! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing just fine. I didn't hurt myself in the match Monday and today I am 100%!! Thanks for your well wishes though. It's really nice to know that people care."

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