Hall Of Fame Dress Code Enforced, Vito, WWE Stock, & More News

This Saturday's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has a dress code. One person ordered the package back in October and has had three copies of itinerary sent to her from WWE regarding a dress code for the event. The first itinerary said there was no dress code. However, the second itinerary, which was sent via e-mail, and the third, which was sent by mail, stated that business attire is required when attending the event. Furthermore, the ticket stubs for the event also say that business attire is required.


Former WWE star Vito is taking bookings through his e-mail address at bigv@vitolograsso.com.

WWE stock is on the rise. It was at a $19.18 per share just before closing today. This is the highest the stock has reached since February 2001.

Mike Shaw a.k.a. Bastion Booger has signed a deal with Jakks Pacific to have a "Classic Superstars" action figure made of him.

WWE's stock continues to perform very well as it closed at 19.38 a share today. The good performance is also creating a lot of positive press as BloggingStocks.com has a very positive article now online looking at the stock.