HOF Spoiler Inside Here, Big Show/Mayweather, Flair, & Lots More

From Krystle Douglas: I was was watching "Cribs: Gods of Rock" on my DVR, and I noticed that during a few of their segments, they used entrance themes for several past and present WWE Superstars. The three songs used were the Dudley Boyz original tag team theme, The Hardy Boyz theme song, and the Hollys' theme song (Hardcore, Crash, and Molly Holly).


From Andre Mesquita: WWE Luta-Livre na TV (WWE Wrestling in TV, a 2-Hours Syndicated TV show of WWE here in Brazil) scored a 5.1 Rating in Brazilian TV SBT (Brazilian Television System)

Legendary announcer Gordon Solie will be the final name announced as being inducted into the WWE hall of fame this weekend. Jim Ross will induct Solie.

Mike Mooneyham said this morning that The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will likely be a wrestler vs. boxer match at Wrestlemania.

Mooneyham and his wife will be guests of Ric Flair at Wrestlemania on Sunday. Mooneyham and Flair have been friends for years.

The Tickets for WWE's hall of fame ceremony ask fans attending the event to wear "formal attire."

Due to the higher tickets prices for this year's Wrestlemania, the WWE has already surpassed its own record $5.38 million gross of last year's Wrestlemania.