Hogan's Affair Lady Lashes Out, Kardashian's 'Mania 24 Role Revealed

  • The woman who claims that she had an affair with Hulk Hogan recently, Christiane Plante, released the following statement today to PerezHilton.com. "Dear Perez, I do not know you but I must tell you one thing: I did NOT leak the story of my affair to the National Enquirer, nor was I paid ANY amount of money to issue my statement. In other words, I was framed. Here is the name and number of the National Enquirer reporter who showed up at my door one morning as I was leaving for work, 2 days after I had confessed the truth of the affair to Brooke upon her confrontation-you can call him or anyone at the Enquirer and ask them for yourself if I tipped them or if I was paid anything for my confession: Darryl Wrobel (305) 205-XXXX. Upon being presented with evidence that Mr. Wrobel had concrete and obvious knowledge and proof of the affair ("What was the nature of your relationship with Hulk Hogan?" I said we were friends. Him: "Really? What about that letter you gave to Brooke two nights ago?" I was so taken aback, I completely broke down.) I decided I owed Brooke and the Hogan family a formal apology for my actions, which was my sole statement. You won't find me signing a deal for a tell-all book on the Hogans, pimping out juicy details of the affair, appearing on television to milk this 15 minutes for all it's worth or anything of the sort. You can't even find any pictures of me online. I am ashamed of what has taken place and it has caused me a lot of pain both personally and professionally. Call me what you want, but I did NOT leak this gossip to the press NOR did I gain ANY $$$ from it. It makes me wonder who has truly benefited by selling the story to the Enquirer and who has ca$hed in on this affair becoming public knowledge. Anyhow, we all know how karma works.. Thank you. Christiane Plante"
  • Kim Kardashian's role at WrestleMania will be "guest hostess." We'll have more on this shortly.
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