JR Talks WrestleMania/RAW, Bobby Lashley/TNA, & Lots More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website. Below are the wrestling-related highlights:

- Wrestling lost one of its classiest and toughest competitors this week with the passing of Don Curtis. Don was a great collegiate wrestler and football player and is one of the very few men I have never heard his peers say one negative word about. In the wrestling business that is virtually an impossibility, with all the jealousy and insecurities that often times exist in the old locker room. Don and Mark Lewin made a superb tag team and Don eventually became Eddie Graham's promoter in Jacksonville for many years. Don was a bona fide credit to the business and if wrestling had more men in it like Don Curtis it would be much better off.


- John Legend will sing "America the Beautiful" at Wrestlemania 24 which could have eliminated the ultra talented legend from being on Lilian Garcia's Christmas card list.

- Wrestlemania will be "Posse Central" with the likes of "Money" Mayweather, 50 Cent, John Legend, Kim Kardashian (Reggie Bush??), and one of our all time favorites, Snoop Dogg. WM24 catering should be an interesting place to hang.

- Just thinking out loud here, but if Kim Kardashian, reality TV star, were a wrestler would she use the "Stink Face" as her finishing maneuver? She has the equipment for it, not that it's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

- As we mentioned here several weeks ago it should come to no one's surprise that Bobby Lashley is training to compete in the MMA and will be a viable commodity for some MMA organization to bid for and Lashley using TNA as a little leverage for a big money MMA deal is predictable, but smart. Bobby's MMA window is closing as he isn't a kid fresh out of college and he needs to hit for a big lick of cash sooner than later in MMA. Pro wrestling will always be there if and when Lashley decides to go back into the ring. Lashley is an intense and gifted athlete whose skills and comfort level may well be best suited for MMA and I wish him well. I like it that he is taking his time, training, and allowing the offers to be fielded as they come. Lashley should have plenty of suitors.


- It would be nice to see some fireworks between Mayweather, Jr. and the Big Show Monday night at their weigh in on RAW. This concept might be risky, because I don't think "Money" has totally gotten just how powerful the 400 plus pound Big Show is and the fact that Floyd is going to scoop into WM24, make a HUGE payday and bolt while Show is going to stay in the WWE for the foreseeable future and continue to earn a living. I have known wrestlers in the past who would "go into business for themselves" in matters such as this to protect their individual persona's. The problem is if Show manhandles "Money" prior to WM24 would Floyd want any more on March 30? Floyd has not endeared himself to the WWE locker room or so it seems. I could be wrong on that assessment, but that's one man's opinion.