Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar Fight, Impact On The Road, Joe

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– In a recent interview Kurt Angle spoke on the amateur wrestling match that he and Brock Lesnar had backstage at a WWE show in Fargo, ND in 2003. He says that he took down Lesnar very easily. Lesnar's version of the story says that Lesnar pinned Angle in 30 seconds and the size difference was just too much. Internet legend has it that Angle owned him, but those backstage who actually saw it say that it was pretty close with Angle only having maybe a slight edge.


– Several Spike TV executives are in attendance at the recent TNA house show in New York City, and it was said to be an eye-opening experience for them about the potential of taking TNA on the road more often rather than always running out of Universal Studios.

– Although his actual contract signing hasn't been confirmed, everyone is acting like Samoa Joe and TNA have agreed to a long-term commitment. It's expected that Joe will be elevated to a whole new level starting at the Lockdown PPV with TNA now confident that Joe is with them for the long haul.