Major Backstage Heat On Batista, Booker T Fight, More


Batista remains one of the least popular main event wrestlers in the WWE locker room. According to multiple sources within the company, he rubs a lot of people the wrong way with his attitude and what people perceive as arrogance.


The locker room heat on Batista is not quite as intense as it was after he got into a fight with Booker T back in 2006. The feeling amongst wrestlers and WWE staffers at the time was that Batista had it coming and Booker T gained even more respect in the locker room for standing up to him. Booker and Batista eventually worked out their differences in the interest of professionalism.

Fellow wrestlers say that Batista's two biggest interests in life seem to be women and cars, not wrestling. They also noted that management has spoken with Batista in the past about his behavior with lady friends he has brought backstage as well as his female co-workers.

One wrestler noted that Chris Benoit was Batista's mentor, and was known to pull Batista aside and keep him in check when his ego was out of control.