Maria's NYC Invasion, Trish's Return To TV, RAW, & More News

Maria's 2-day invasion of New York City was a big success. She was at the the Virgin Megastore in Times Square yesterday and the store actually sold out of her Playboy issue. Many fans were turned away because of how many people showed up. Even though her signing session started at 12 noon, the line to see her began forming at 5am, several hours before the store even opened.


Television news website is reporting that Trish Stratus' new TV series "Stratusphere" is slated to air on the Travel Channel this August. As we reported yesterday, the show is about Trish traveling the world. Not a bad gig!

Reader Nate sent word that there will be an Internet pre-sale for the 5/19 edition of Raw in Kansas City from March 12-14th.

Eric Garigulo has a new interview online for with Bruno Sammartino. The interview is very in-depth and featured Sammartino talking about his feelings towards Vince McMahon, why he doesn't want any part of the WWE Hall of Fame, and more.