Maria's NYC Playboy Signing, Rock Note, Stacy Keibler Returns, More

Maria's first appearance on her Playboy signing tour was a big success. Last night she appeared at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in New York City and the event was absolutely jammed. WWE staff was there giving away prizes, including lots of promotional material for WrestleMania XXIV. Maria was said to be a lot of fun, posing for pictures and giving away many free copies of her Playboy. One lucky fan got to have dinner with her after the event.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming movie "Escape from Witch Mountain" will be directed by Andy Fickman, the man who directed his biggest feature film to date, "The Game Plan".

Stacy Keibler will be featured in the season finale the ABC show "October Road" this Monday night at 9PM. She'll play the manipulative ex-girlfriend of the lead character. Keibler is still auditioning for a ton of Hollywood projects and recently filmed a Reeboks commercial.

Chyna recently took part in a "Celebrity Rehab" reunion special that will air on VH-1 in a few weeks.