New TNA Talent, Major Destination X **SPOILERS**, Christian, More News

As previously reported, Joel "Truck" Anderson who was recently eliminated from NBC's Survivor has been training with Rellik and Pat Kenney for his TNA debut. There is talk that his debut may be tonight at Destination X in Norfolk, VA.


As of the last set of tapings the plan was for Petey Williams to take the X Division title from Jay Lethal tonight in order to start a feud with Scott Steiner who still has a shot at the very title coming. is running a poll where the fans can vote on who won the Six Sides of Steel match between Christian and Angle on Thursday's iMPACT!. The winner of the poll will give his team a one man advantage for the first 5 minutes of tonight's six man tag main event. has putt up a brand new Destination X PPV special.

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