Nipplegate In Orlando, Mayweather/Big Show, Melina Nude?, More News

The Orlando Sentinel has an article up discussing "Nipplegate" in Orlando – the fact that all visible nipples had to be airbrushed out of WrestleMania billboards across the city. Mayor Buddy Dyer said, "Apparently there's an ordinance that prohibits them from being displayed. It does seem a little overboard."


The USA Today has a new article now online looking at Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV. The article is just more mainstream promotion for the match and WWE before the pay-per-view of the year.

Jim Ross has a new "Superstar of the Week" column now online over at Ross picks Ric Flair again this week for the honor.

WWE Diva Melina is featured in a question and answer segment on . Melina talks to the website about how her ex-boyfriend and current WWE superstar John Morrison came up with her "splits" entrance. She re-iterated that she does not want to pose nude right now because she wants to be known for her abilities and talents.