The Rock/Todd Grisham, WM 24 Papered, Snoop, & More

-- For those who missed it: During a commercial break on The Scorpion King on USA Network, a clip of Todd Grisham talking about the Hall Of Fame ceremony and then interviewing The Rock was shown. The Rock ragged on Grisham's haircut and said he felt bad for anyone watching the Scorpion King and now has to look at Grisham.

-- WWE is having some trouble filling up the Citrus Bowl and is giving out anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 tickets in Orlando to fill the building up. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that as of last week 60,000 tickets were sold. Despite the papering, WrestleMania 24 holds the record for the biggest gate for a wrestling event in North America, bringing in $5.7 million in ticket sales. The only shows in history to earn more from tickets were two New Japan Pro Wrestling shows at the Tokyo Dome in the 90's.

-- WrestleMania 24 has been getting a lot of mention on local radio stations all over Florida this week, mostly focused on Snoop Dogg's appearance.

-- WWE has spent a ton of money on TV spots on various networks and cable stations promoting the Floyd Mayweather/Big Show match at WrestleMania. The commercial has a bunch of clips of Floyd knocking guys out in the boxing ring and focuses on the fact that he has never lost a fight, and labels the match as The Best vs. The Biggest.

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