Triple H's 'Mania Streak, More WWE HOF News, 'Mania News, More

The last time Triple H won a match at WrestleMania was exactly five years ago today at WrestleMania XIX at Safeco Field where he faced off with Booker T. He's currently on a three match Mania losing streak, losing to Chris Benoit, Batista and John Cena in consecutive years.


Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun has a live report from WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony last night, which you can check out at Triple H apparently took a jab at The Rock when he was giving the induction speech for Flair. Triple H said, "No disrespect to The Rock — oh, I guess I'm supposed to call him Dwayne now — but before there was "trailblazing and eyebrow-raising," there was "kiss stealin' and wheelin' dealin'." And in case you didn't notice, a number of fans didn't show up in "business attire" at the event, which was dictated on the ticket stub. Eck wrote: "Many of the fans at the Amway Arena last night should be ashamed of themselves, as they exhibited all of the negative traits of the stereotypical wrestling fan. They were extremely disrespectful of the speakers and they behaved like they were at the arena to see a house show. They dressed like it as well, even though the dress code was "business attire."


Stevie Richards' image has been added to the graphic promoting tomorrow night's ECW Title battle royal. Matt Striker's image has been removed so it looks like he's off the card. Also, the preview is still listing Big Daddy V as a participant in the match, but his image is not on the graphic, not to mention that was not one of the 24 competitors on last Tuesday's ECW show.

Scott M. sent this in: I was cruising around on the web on my phone and came across an article related to Wrestlemania. On they posted an article about the giant poster on the outside of the Citrus Bowl. The article says that Orlando contacted the WWE shortly after it was put up because the city thought "man nipples" was provocative. So the WWE spray painted John Cena, HHH, Orton and Edge's. Remember no man boobs shown in public in Orlando!