WWE On Networking Sites, 'Mania, & More News & Notes Inside

Australia's national newspaper The Australian has a story up regarding WWE's effort to conduct business in Australia and from there, reaching the much-sought after Asian market. Jonathan Sully, President of WWE Asia Pacific heads up the Sydney office. WWE is very popular in Australia with their shows on Fox 8 being among the highest rated on the network and pay-per-view buys on Main Event are strong as well. Sully said that this year, the Smackdown! brand will perform seven times in different cities throughout Australia, up from the three of last year. Under Sully's guidance, WWE secured its first local sponsorship agreement with Visa Entertainment, offering cardholders first choice of tickets while the first marketing initiative for the new operation is the promotion of WrestleMania XXIV.


AdWeek.com is running an article about WWE tackling sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Habbo to promote their latest events. Tom Boland, director of interactive marketing said that the company is now looking at other social networking websites from other countries so they can have a presence there as well. "There are between 20-25 leading social networks, so what we are doing is designing all of our assets to be able to support all of the different platforms," he said. WWE has created 'Fan Nation' which are WWE-dedicated pages on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook where people from around the world can add to their profile. WWE also used Habbo – a social networking site aimed at teenagers – to promote both Royal Rumble and WrestleMania interactively.


WWE hall of famer Johnny Rodz's next independent wrestling show is 4/5 at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, NY. Bell time is 8:00PM, General Admission is $10.

As noted earlier here on the site, WWE developmental wrestler Matt Sydal is training Floyd Mayweather for his upcoming WrestleMania match with Big Show because the two are similar in size. Sydal is billed as 5 five foot nine, but he's really five foot seven.