WWE Talent Told To Stay Away From TNA Talent, 'Mania Security, & More

WWE officials warned talent to stay away from TNA talent during their stay in Orlando this weekend. They do not want their wrestlers seen socializing with guys from TNA. WWE feels that there should be separation between the two organizations and that TNA is piggybacking off of their weekend in Orlando. The WWE AXXESS center is literally only a few feet away from the Soundstage TNA tapes iMPACT! in.


The Orlando hotel in which WWE is situated at has been put on lockdown. Unless you have WWE credentials, security won't let you in the building.

WWE has purchased blocks of rooms for their WrestleMania Travel Package customers at the hotel the TNA wrestlers usually stay at. WWE will be holding autograph sessions with The Miz, John Morrison and Carlito at the hotel over the weekend.

According to former WWE wrestler Damian Demento, who has a friend who has a source in WWE, the company has added his name to the list of fan signs/posters they want security to confiscate from fans when entering the arena. WWE sent out a memo telling people to be on the look out for Damian Demento related signs at live events. A Demento sign was briefly shown on television during the Ric Flair vs. Vince McMahon street fight on Raw two weeks ago. Demento has a new online show called MONDAY NIGHT TAR TAR on YouTube which goes up during Raw. He says he wants to take down WWE and Vince McMahon.