DDP Comments On 'Mania/Flair, Big Boss Man, Khali, & More News

-- Diamond Dallas Page gives his thoughts on WrestleMania 24 & Ric Flair in his latest message. Even though Flair didn't appear to be too fond of DDP in his book, DDP doesn't really have any hard feelings over him. DDP wrote: "Ric was always a class act and cool in my face but behind my back he never believed I had what it took to be a top guy. Early on in my career Ric ran the show at WCW and I was one level up from a job guy (a guy who loses all the time). To Ric's credit why would he believe in a guy who started at 35, tore his rotator cuff at 36 and got fired…and came back at 37 would ever be a top guy... It had never happened before... Looking back I guess I understand why he thought I would never be anything in this business."

-- According to Jeremy.com, the family of Ray Traylor a.k.a. Big Boss Man, have signed on for a Classic Superstars action to made of him. Apparently, this agreement took five years.

-- According to PunjabNewsline.com, The Great Khali will be returning to his native village in India on Saturday, April 26. If that's the case, that would mean no Khali vs. Big Show match at Backlash, so perhaps the website is misinformed. The article notes that Khali must report to the Punjab Police force, where he is employed. Also, he must stay in the village for at least one month. The article also notes that he is married to a Punjabi woman named Harminder Kaur.

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