The reality television show called "Project Runway" is leaving Bravo tv and is moving to the Lifetime network. One of the reasons why is because they were mad that Bravo (Universal) would force them to put personalities on the show from the other sister networks. The one that really put the nail in the coffin for this relationship is that they had a WWE Diva episode and built costumes for them. The people from "Project Runway" thought this was beneath them and that it tarnished the fashion industry. They did not want to be associated with "rasslers". They were also upset that it was one of the highest rated episodes and Universal (Bravo) took credit for it.

From Seth Drzewicki: I was watching TMZ.COM's tv show on Monday night. They had a very brief segment where they caught Jesse "The Body" Ventura outside a bar in L.A. He was promoting his new book on a tour out there. Jesse looked really rough, speech splurred and had raggy long black hair. In typical TMZ fashion, they ripped Ventura left and right. Said "he looked more like a typical L.A. Street bum then a former wrasssling star". OUCH!

From Devin Cutting: "The June 7th show in Fresno, CA will be Saturday Night's Main Event taping." That is incorrect. WWE is taping ECW & Smackdown on Saturday, June 7th in Fresno & Sunday, June 8th in San Jose because the ECW & Smackdown superstars will be touring New Zealand & Australia from Wednesday, June 11th to Tuesday, June 17th.

Joey Mercury, Chris Masters, David Young and Jerrelle Clark will be appearing at the Big League Wrestling event in Santa Rosa, California on April 12th, 2008. Go to for info about BLW.