Michael Hayes Still Writing SD! Via Email?, More Hayes Racial Stories Inside

Michael Hayes is still being kept in the loop of creative issues in the company via e-mail during his 60-day suspension for using a racial slur towards Mark Henry during WrestleMania weekend, reports prowrestling.NET. Multiple sources believe that the more outside pressure Vince McMahon gets to fire Hayes from his job, the more likely he is to stand by him. The betting line amongst the sources is that Hayes will return to the company at some point. Considering that Hayes is still being updated on things via email while he is serving a suspension, it seems to indicate that they're looking to bring him back at some point.

Defenders of Hayes continue to state that he is not a racist, although several others say that he uses racist language quite often. So much so, that a few people have gotten used to it because its an every day occurrence from him. On source who has worked closely to Hayes said, "You become numb to it. It goes from being 'holy s***' jaw-dropping to being an every day occurrence." Another source who has worked closely with Hayes added, "It's not if there are more stories, it's how many hundreds of times people who have been exposed to him have heard him (use racist language)."

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