More On The Rock's Controversial HOF Ceremony Speech & Attitude

– The majority of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Hall Of Fame ceremony speech was written by RAW lead writer Brian Gewirtz. Gewirtz wrote most of the Rock's comedy material throughout his WWE career.

– Rock arrived late Friday night and spent portions of that night and Saturday working on the material, which mostly consisted of bullet points and one-liners.


– Speaking of The Rock's speech, some people were ticked off that it lasted so long, but apparently nobody from the production team told him to "wrap it up" as they did with Flair. The Rock spoke for approximately 90 mintues. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand the whole time, but it did result in some resentment from several WWE superstars.

– The Rock had to fly out of Orlando immediately after his Hall of Fame speech. The Rock was said to be in good spirits while in Orlando but a few top WWE stars are still not on the best terms with the former WWE champ.