Sabu In Rough Shape?, SD! Staying On Friday Nights, More News

Sabu has been missing bookings. He recently missed two conventions, a personal appearance, and a booking for Maryland Championship Wrestling. At the 4/5 MCW show, owner Dan McDevitt said Sabu had personal demons.

Greg Meidel, president of MyNetworkTV, recently told that WWE Smackdown will remain on Friday nights when it moves to their network later this year.

In the month of February, WWE shipped 399,000 DVD units. The new Austin DVD accounted for 148,000 units shipped in the month.

The current estimate has the No Way Out PPV doing 328,000 worldwide buys (207,000 North American buys). This is up 59% from last year's No Way Out which did 205,000 buys (135,000 buys in North America)

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