The Great Khali Leaving, Mike Adamle Update, Kennedy’s Return


-- One of the reasons Great Khali is taking time off from WWE is due to a much-needed knee surgery. Last night in Baltimore a film crew from India followed Khali around to document his experience at the Backlash PPV. They interviewed some fans at WWE's hotel after the PPV and talked about how great he is.

-- Ken Kennedy returns to WWE TV tonight on RAW for the first time since WrestleMania 24. He was down in Puerto Rico filming Behind Enemy Lines 3, which is going straight to DVD.

-- Billy Krotchsen sent this in: Mike Adamle was being really friendly and taking pictures with fans after the PPV. I told him he was doing a great job on ECW, just to see what his reaction was. Adamle kind of made a face and reacted, saying, "Well it's getting there" He didn't even thank me since I think even he knew what I said wasn't true, but I'll give the guy credit for not lying and agreeing with me. He said his commentary was a work in progress and he was trying to learn and improve. His honesty was pretty damn refreshing!

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