The Latest On Mayweather?s Future With WWE, & More


Floyd Mayweather Jr's run with WWE is now considered to be done, but it ended on great terms. Guys in the locker room thought he was humble and respectful, contrary to his reputation. He took a lot of time posing for pictures with wrestlers backstage at WrestleMAnia 24 on Sunday, and took the whole experience very seriously. More than one person in the company has stated that he was the best celebrity or athlete the company has ever worked with.


Big Show got along well with Mayweather, but it's said that he wasn't particularly fond of some of his friends and bodyguards. Show thought Mayweather was very levelheaded for a person who made as much money as he has at such a young age.

Right now it sounds like Floyd only has one fight left on his deal with Golden Boy Promotions, and is then planning to launch his own promotional company. The feeling is that his WWE experience served as on-the-job training to some extent for his future in promoting. Floyd learned a lot from working with WWE and wasn't afraid to talk about it backstage.

WWE officials are said to be open to the idea of working with Floyd again, but there's nothing planned right now. Next on the agenda for Mayweather is fighting Oscar De La Hoya in September. It's possible that WWE and Mayweather will do some sort of cross-promotion for any of his upcoming fights, but there's no indication that he will be returning to the wrestling ring anytime soon.